Talent Metrics


Talent Metrics are the combined systems that make up every organization’s Talent Model. These systems include Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Learning Systems, Organizational Development, and Leadership Development. Each system overlaps and is slightly dependent on the others to function optimally.

The one-size-fits-all Talent Model still utilized by many legacy search firms is outdated. We know, and science has shown, that one model does not work for everyone.  Years of research and case studies have proven that a more tailored Talent Model is the key to success.  From large matrixed companies to startups to regional small businesses, each one has very different needs, culture, and structure, and each will require a different approach to finding the best talent for their organization.

At Mackenzie Eason, we know that Culture, Core Values, and Vision are the basis of a successful Talent Metrics system. We utilize these building blocks to create a customized Talent Metrics system for each individual client, utilizing science, case studies and our combined 75 years of experience.

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