Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity & Inclusion

As a concept, diversity & inclusion involve creating an environment and culture where employees learn from the differences of their peers and draw on the unique backgrounds they each bring to the table in order to create a more successful and inclusive corporation. A more diverse organization is proven to better understand the demographics of the marketplace, and is better equipped to thrive.

Mackenzie Eason is dedicated to sourcing and securing the most qualified candidates for our clients, while also carefully selecting those candidates that will develop a more inclusive workplace. We fully understand that creating a diverse workforce is not simply a goal for our clients, but that it is an investment that contributes directly to the long-term success of their organizations.

MEA works alongside our clients to completely integrate their diversity & inclusion initiatives into our strategic plan in order to develop candidates that will complement their existing workforce, contributing a broader range of ideas and perspectives. This continued effort has led us to directly impact our clients’ success in today’s increasingly diverse marketplace.

At Mackenzie Eason, DEI isn’t just a slogan or words, but rather backed up in our practices and data. Over 60% of our candidates presented are diverse, and over 70% of our candidates hired are diverse candidates.

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