Laurie Williams George



Laurie Williams George

Laurie is a Managing Partner and focuses on Leadership, DEI Initiatives, K-12 Education, and Executive Coaching.  Her background is in education, leadership, and entrepreneurialism.

Laurie was born in Fort Worth but grew up in the Pacific Northwest.  She has an undergraduate degree in English and Philosophy with an Ethics focus and a Master’s in Teaching, both from Oregon State University.  Laurie spent twelve years teaching in the public education system, with 6 years in leadership roles.   She also spent time gaining university teaching experience in Aguascalientes, Mexico, and has presented at both national and international TEFL conferences on communication across language and culture.

Laurie is a serial entrepreneur that is involved in several companies from Pretty Little Plates and Pretty Little Mimi to Mackenzie Eason, and Talent Metrics. She is very active in her community with public education, Autism Awareness, racial justice, and diversity initiatives.

Laurie lives in Fort Worth with her husband and three children.

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