Mackenzie Eason and Associates utilizes a unique methodology that allows us to tailor our engagements to directly meet the needs of each client; and has led us to exceed the industry average for both time-to-completion and rate of successful placements. Our partners collaborate with each client from the initial needs assessment to our exceptional follow through program.

1. Due Diligence

To begin each engagement, MEA develops a comprehensive executive assessment for the client that leads to a highly customized strategy of search execution. In addition to examining specific client needs, our partners also thoroughly analyze market and compensation trends and create an industry-specific candidate profile. We are also committed to providing our clients with a diverse range of qualified candidates, incorporating each client’s diversity and inclusion initiatives directly into our strategic plan.

2. Targeted Approach

We then move into the research phase, where we conduct exhaustive research, with each partner typically spending 25 to 30 hours per engagement. Our firm has access to leading proprietary databases and services that allow us to extend our search well beyond even the largest personal network and provide clients with a more global reach, as well as a highly diverse talent pool.

3. Search Execution

Our partners conduct an in-depth assessment of each candidate and pre-reference screening. Based on client feedback on this first round of candidates, the selection process can then be further refined.

Exclusive to our Executive Search clients, during the first 21 days of launch, clients will be delivered an average of four to six qualified and referenced candidates based on the profile and strategy developed by MEA.

4. Candidate Selection

Our Executive Search clients, see an average time to candidate placement of 75 days, compared to an industry average of 130 days, with 98% of our searches resulting in successful candidate placement.

Once an ideal candidate is selected, our partners work closely with the client throughout the referencing and negotiation process to help ensure a smooth transition from prospective candidate to employee.

Follow Up

The partners at MEA know that our responsibility to our clients does not stop with placement of a candidate – it extends to the impact of the selected candidate on the overall organization. Not only does our due diligence upfront help to ensure placement of a candidate that will succeed within the organizational culture and structure, but we also continue our consultative services post-placement to ensure successful integration of the candidate and a positive impact on the organization.

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