Talent Management Consulting

Talent Management is the Strategy, Processes, and Vision for finding the best talent within an organization, and should be guided by the Culture, Core Values and Vision of the organization.  It involves developing talent, promoting talent and most importantly, retaining talent.

An organization’s Talent Management strategy outlines how the company will achieve its business goals. If the C Suite and other leaders in an organization do not understand the strategic objectives and are aligned to execute against them, the company will fail in finding the best talent to propel the organization forward. This results in unrealized commercial gains, internal frustration and disengagement.

Strategy and Talent Processes need to be mindfully aligned so that the right people are in the right place at the right time, and they are focused on the right goals. At Mackenzie Eason, our Talent Management Professionals have extensive experience conducting talent reviews and succession planning, high-potential identification, career development, and assessment and feedback.