Talent Acquisition Consulting

Talent Acquisition (TA) combines Strategy, Planning and Processes with the Culture, Values and Vision of an organization.  It should be the key component in every organization to continually bring in the best talent.

Talent Acquisition is an ongoing cycle of processes related to attracting, sourcing, recruiting and hiring talent within an organization. It is a long-term philosophy allowing companies to compete by always hiring the best person for the right seat.  However, for many organizations, Talent Acquisition or recruitment is a reactive unit combined with HR.  This is a more linear process that does not allow for the planning, evaluation and procurement of the best talent that fits within an organization’s Culture, Values and Vision.

At Mackenzie Eason, we design Talent Acquisition models that utilize efficient and productive processes which are easy to use and candidate-centric, building them around a company’s strengths. We do not employ a one-size-fits-all  model, but rather build a TA Model that is unique to your organization. With our combined experience of both Executive Search Leaders, HR Leaders and Talent Leaders, we bring years of experience, research, case studies and science to develop the perfect model for your needs. This includes elements of employment branding, outreach, networking and marketing to continually build and enhance the talent pool for your organization.