Learning Systems

Learning Systems are the tools and processes that an organization uses to disseminate their culture, Talent Management model and training models. There are numerous ways, including several third party platforms, to disseminate information, but organizations need a cohesive method and strategy that go beyond a cloud based delivery or CRM system.

Most organizations do not have any Learning System in place, and they often do not understand why this is so important.  Learning Systems allow the organization to pass down institutional methods and processes, but more importantly, they educate the entire organization on Cultural identity, Institutional Knowledge, and long term goals, vision, and mission of the organization. Regional, state, and national companies will find that they are lacking a large part of the Talent Metrics piece without a built in strategic Learning System.

Mackenzie Eason can help organizations customize a Learning System with the design, fit and implementation to complete your Talent Metrics suite for your organization.