Mackenzie Eason a top 100 UTA MAVS 100 Company

Mackenzie Eason ranked #39.

UT Arlington’s College of Business recognized the fastest-growing Maverick businesses at the event, highlighting the growth and regional impact of UTA entrepreneurship.

Those top 88 businesses were ranked by average revenue from their last three years. The top 30 firms alone represent more than $180 million in annual revenue. Edmund Prater, professor of business and coordinator of MAVS 100, said the program illustrates the culture of Maverick entrepreneurs and the ecosystem that supports their goals. He said he hopes the next generation of students will be inspired by seeing what alumni have accomplished because of their UTA educations.

“Nearly 300 attended to recognize the top firms founded and run by UT Arlington alumni. These individuals understand the truth that everything we teach in business is theory — until you have to make payroll,” Prater said.

Mackenzie Eason is proud to be a part of the MAVS 100 for the second year in a row. It is our clients and relationships that have driven our organic growth. We look forward to supporting UTA and future entrepreneurs. We also appreciate the leadership and direction from Harry Dombrowski.

“The MAVS 100 is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit that exists at UTA and that resides in our many alumni,” said Harry Dombroski, dean of the College of Business. “It’s an opportunity for us to recognize these individuals, their accomplishments and their contributions to the community.”


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